Tuesday, May 18, 2004


First date activities

When taking a girl on a first date, do NOT take the girl to a very fancy and expensive restaurant such as Le Marais and Prime Grill. You will come off as pathetic and desperate. Even if the girl is very impressed, it will only win you, at most, one extra date. No sense of prolonging your misery. If you had any confidence in yourself you would take the girl to J2 for the first date.

Yeah, but if you take the girl to a nice place she is more likely to put out. Fact.
The person who left the comment above is a PIG!!! You dont need a fancy feast to get laid. Idiot!
1. Going out to dinner to a nice resturant
2. Walking on the beach in the moonlight
3. A nice picknick in the park
4. Going to the movies
5. Have a candlelight dinner in make dinner.

I'm a girl. On my first date what I would like is maybe a walk or movies. That's just me and do not take advice from me cos I'm and idiot. Wanna fact? That's a fact.
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Remember to be yourself during the date. Don't put on any airs or try to be someone you're not. If there's something about yourself that you think would effect the relationship, be sure to get it out in the open in the beginning. This allows the other person to know who you truly are, and if they stick with you, it's because they know the real you.
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